Saturday, 3 January 2015

STRANGE BROUE - Mystifying Oracle

Here's a band from Quebec that is heavy, dirt heavy with distorted vocals in the vein of Electric Wizard or Salem's Pot. And like Salem's Pot or Windhand or Uncle Acid, Strange Broue isn't afraid to get all "feel-y" and pull out the acoustic as displayed by two stray tracks released in November called "The Captor" and "The Beast". But the focus of   the two song 'Mystifying Oracle' is on corrosive guitar tones, shambling riffs and tortured vocals. Though these Canadians display a solid working knowledge of the Electric Wizard style, they know when to cut the shit as the two tracks here come in a shade under 12 minutes. Not too long, not too short. Anyway, I predict that the next thing they release will be on vinyl first on some label or another, UNLESS they've got another short EP already in the can. But this band won't remain unsigned for long.

The day after posting this, Strange Broue collected the two acoustic tracks mentioned above into a single release called 'Acoustic Haunting'. Also, I've added a bunch of links to bands I've mentioned facebook pages.

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