Tuesday, 13 January 2015

DUNE PILOT - Wetlands

Cover artwork by Florian Fluck.
MrStoneBeliever shared this earlier, I leaped on it. Solid stoner, not overly fuzzy but good tones and quite heavy. As the cover depicts, Dune Pilot navigates the desert side of stoner rock, dropping out, staring at the endless expanse of sky before kicking back into high gear, not entirely unlike The Machine. The album is consistently good so if you like what you initially hear, it's already too late, they got their hooks into you and won't let go. The consistent feel here reminds of some of my favorite recent stoner albums by bands like The Shooters, Miss Lava and to a lesser extent Steak. There's a lot going for this album, at 11 songs and 53 minutes it should keep you busy. Stoner rock fans will want to get on board with Dune Pilot, I'll be in coach waiting for you, taking up all the elbow room ...

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