Tuesday, 13 January 2015


I've been on reddit's doommetal page the past couple days or so and I found the /r/occultrock sub. Through that I found a thing or two. For one, there is an excellent essay / overview of the occult / doom / retro rock movement with lists (lists!!!) from redditor Thatool which I highly recommend reading. Another thing I found was a last.fm group with another good list to check out. All of that led me to this frankly bizarre band from Serbia. Maybe not bizarre overall, but bizarre vocals, which are described as retarded in the article above and that's a fair assessment. For many, this will be a sticking point, if you can get past them or even enjoy them however, the music will take you to some strange places. Organ-infused psychedelic doom. This is great stuff and there isn't much out there that sounds like this. As I said the vocals are unique. My only question is, the album is 7 songs, but there's only a 3 song pre-order available. The full album was supposed to be released December 20. Where's the other four songs? I'm dyin' over here!

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