Wednesday, 11 February 2015

MISTY GREY - Grey Mist (Album Review)

This is throwback music best described 
in terms of an evolutionary throwback animal.

Wait a minute! Don't hang up that phone. The voice you hear on the other end is bizarre and confusing. It's hard to incorporate because it's so unconventional, but that doesn't mean it ought to be rejected outright. I'm telling you this for your own good, because that helium-infused voice you hear belongs to a witch and a witch scorned becomes a feast of shit for your life. If you turn your back now to the Misty Grey it will come back to haunt you.

I understand why you want to run in the opposite direction, believe me. I've been there. We've all been to a haunted place like this, a crossroads between worlds. I had the same initial reaction, but trust me it'll go better for you if you don't resist.

Encountering Misty Grey for the first time is to first encounter the opposite sex. It's a frustrating challenge but the sooner you fight through the initial bouts of loathing, the sooner you'll realize that there are tantalizing mysteries behind the surface. To encounter Misty Grey is to encounter "the other", and we know enough now not to reject something out of hand because it is different from the norm. When you fight through the dread, you will understand the pleasures inherent in such "difference". To reject Misty Grey is to fear the unknown and to fear the unknown is to lie to oneself, because underneath it all, originality is the currency of art and art is truth.

The vocals will challenge you as they challenged me. I was able to see past the illusion and I saw the witch behind it, that is my great fortune. Now I've joined the Misty Grey witch cult.

Go with your gut, go with that initial reactions that was ready to go to war with the band when you first heard the heavy riffs. You haven't heard riffs this raw since Pentagram. Imagine or remember what the reaction was when people first heard Saint Vitus or Trouble or Cirith Ungoll or Kyuss. These are bands you and I might take for granted today, but they all feature vocalists not even their Grandmas could love. Remember that over time, people came to think even pugs were cute. Pugs!

Initially pugs were palace guard dogs in China. Roughly the size of a Saint Bernard, twice as mean as a Pit Bull, and uglier than hell. 'Grey Mist' is really no different. This is throwback music best described in terms of an evolutionary throwback animal. The vocals will make you feel uncomfortable and uncertain, but there's no mistaking the music. The overall effect is akin to the uncanny valley experienced when we see near-human automata. It's almost right, but there's just something a little off about it. I guarantee you after the second listen you won't even remember what you thought was so weird about it in the first place. But that might just be the witch hypnotizing you. Either way you won't care, you'll be happy. It's okay, you can go ahead and trust me on this. Now ... join us!

Rating: ««««« / 5

Misty Grey facebook

'Grey Mist' is currently available to download on the player below. Shadow Kingdom Records will soon release a cassette version of the album, followed by a CD version.

Shadow Kingdom Records webstore


  1. really the worst voice I ever heard, awful also as the music - a "very-low-cost-version" of Black Sabbath, awful only awful

    1. :D That was my initial reaction too. Misty Grey aren't for everyone.

  2. just get over it ...and love them

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