Sunday, 8 February 2015

WEEKLY ROUNDUP - Best of the Blog January 29 - February 7, 2015

This week's roundup consists of material from more than a week, I know. Took a bit of a break after the last weekly update before falling back into full swing for February.

Although no new album features went up this week I sneaked in a trio of music posts, including the podcast, Horrible Nights post about Jacula and the return of everybody's favorite Paranoid institution: The Doom Charts. These will be posted every Saturday.

My writings also appeared on two other websites this week. I did my first honest-to-goodness album review in almost a year over at the Sludgelord blog. I also wrote a flash fiction story back in mid-January which got published at Creepypasta, which is kind of a dream come true. Got a decent reception too!

Doom Chart for 02/07/15
Album review at Sludgelord
Creepypasta story

Posts about comics new and old.

Last month You May Be Dead and Dreaming hosted a relatively massive single post about 7 different comics and it was called Comics Suck! You can find it at this location. The plan was to post one of those suckers on the 15 of every month, but there's been a change of plan.

We'll be moving away from the monthly format for the Comics Suck! posts. From now on a single comic will be featured every fourth day from the 4-28 of every month. This month we're taking a look at comics cover dated February from 1955, '65, '75, '85, '95, 2005 and we'll finish out the month with a current issue. And don't be surprised to find another few nostalgic goodies, like films and music thrown in with these comics posts. I'm really excited about this feature and I think you will be too once the concept lands. The first single issue edition went up earlier in the week,

Fighting American #6 (Feb 55)

Strange but true stories.

It was quantity over ... quantity(?) this week for Everyday Strange. Fewer, but longer posts. The two-part Elisa Lam article had a better reception that I expected. I worked on that one for weeks ahead of time. It was shared a few times on Google + and once on twitter by a professor(!) and I also happen to know that it traumatized at least one reader. Success!

Elisa Lam I
Elisa Lam II
The Dyatlov Pass Incident (NSFW!)
Cacti's Revenge

Horror films and music. Renamed from Horrible Mondays in loving tribute of Moss's album of the same name.

This has been the most inconsistent feature on the blog and that record needs to improve. Horrible Mondays will move forward with a horror music review every Monday and Horrible Nights will feature a movie review every Friday or Saturday night. I'm still interested in discovering the true origins of Jacula's first record, which you can read about on the post below. If you have any info or even conspiracy theories, feel free to leave a message.

Music podcast.

The podcast is in a flux period as arrangements are made and changes are due. Might not be another one for awhile, when it returns it will be worth the time and effort or it won't be back at all.

ep007 - Future Relics

Expect two more Comics Suck! posts, Feb '65 and '75 editions coming at you on the 8th (later today) and the 12th respectively. It's hard to including everything for Everyday Strange but got a couple cool posts coming up including the infamous Devil's Footprints and a valentine's day Vampire story. Music reviews are returning, it's taken a little time to fall back into the discipline of it, but expect a couple more on the way coming up.

Thanks for reading!

P.S. - Got a couple Horrible Nights ahead including real bro talk about John Carpenter's new album and a look at this Italian feature length film ...

COMING SOON:            

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