Saturday, 14 February 2015

EVERYDAY STRANGE - Meth Vampire for Valentine's Day

“You Robert McDaniel swear no wrong will come to me Tiffany Lachelle Sutton due to tonight’s events … You also pass to me all your earthly powers wealth included.”

TEMPE, ARIZONA - 46-year old Robert McDaniel called his friend from a phone booth, confused and about to pass out from blood loss and exhaustion. Earlier, he had been restrained, sliced, punctured, stabbed and bled. After slipping his bonds he escaped the shack behind the abandoned house and ran across a field, drained and weak, his date chasing him with a pickaxe. When his friend arrived to pick him up, he still didn’t want to call the cops or go to hospital because of all the meth that had been involved. He was covered in blood and 23-year old Tiffany Sutton stood watching the scene, covered only in a blanket. Some people just have more fun on Valentine’s Day.

McDaniel barely knew Sutton, but on February 14, 2007 the two of them were drinking booze and smoking meth in a shack behind an abandoned house when McDaniel agreed to be tied up for what he must have thought was going to be a wild bout of kinky sex. Allegedly Sutton made him sign a waiver form beforehand in case the sex got “crazy”. The waiver form also included a stipulation that Mr. McDaniel’s worldly belongings become her property. Once he was tightly secured, Sutton pulled out the knives and pickaxe she just happened to have handy. McDaniel wasn’t sure what she was doing but began to wonder if he might die. Sutton claimed that she liked to drink blood and that she was going to drink his.

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She sliced him across the leg and put her mouth on the wound. He told her he didn’t like what was going on, but she proceeded to stab him, then stab and slice him again, and again.

In all, McDaniel suffered seven stab wounds and was sliced multiple times. Sutton was arrested for aggravated assault. During the trial it was revealed that Sutton suffered from borderline personality disorder. Her mother insisted that Tiffany was “totally different” while on medication. She pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 10 years in a Maricopa county prison.

Sutton had been staying with McDaniel in the shack for a time before the incident though they barely knew each other. When the police had been by the evict the couple, Sutton drew blood when she dug her finger nails into the hand of one of the officers, for which she received a one year sentence which she served concurrently with her 10 year sentence. Though she’s appealed several times the conviction was never overturned.

Several Sutton fan websites popped up around the time of her arrest set up by the same person and she has become something of a kinky folk hero with one apparently lonely and desperate man (“Angelic Scars”) wishing to willingly have their blood drank by her every night. It goes to show that if there’s a variation on the theme of sex, no matter how dangerous or irresponsible, some kind of subculture will spring up around it.

If there’s a lesson to be learned here it’s to be sure you know who you’re smoking meth with this Valentine’s Day.



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