Tuesday, 20 January 2015

BURNING SAVIOURS - Unholy Tales From The North

Burning Saviours new album is a bit heavier than some of the last few singles the band released over the past couple years and were collected on the album 'Boken Om Förbannelsen'. This is a much doomier effort overall which I like and is a good marriage of dark riffs with classic 70's rock ideas. The sound here is not entirely unlike a Mountain Witch or a Noctum, dark retro rock. I can already tell that this is going to be something I go back to repeatedly. You can listen to "Your Love Hurts Like Fire" on the soundcloud player below (Ironically the chorus to that song popped up just as I was typing the title!). It's a good 'un and I imagine that many music critics will have this one somewhere in their top end-of-year-lists. Those who can remember the January albums anyway. There always seems to be a bias in those list towards albums that came out later in the year. There are several reasons for this ... anyway, Burning Saviours, 'Unholy Tales From the North'. It's going to be out on Transubstans Records, January 28. You're going to love it. Dark retro stoner jams with a doomy touch. Pre-order your copy at this location. My one and only gripe here is that 7 songs and 28 minutes feels like a glorified EP, but you know how I am. I pig out on music all day long. I want more of this!

NOTE: The last two albums that the band released are the only ones I've heard, though 'Unholy Tales From the North' is their fifth. I can say nothing about the band's overall journey or what long term fans might expect to hear. But to my relatively fresh ears, I find this album to be excellent.

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