Thursday, 22 January 2015

WEEKLY ROUNDUP - Best of the Blog January 15-21, 2015

I'm pretty juiced up about all the albums that get posted here, but here are the ones that you absolutely should not pass up:

Aside from the albums there were a number of fun posts including

This is by far my favorite feature on the blog, probably because I only allow myself to do it once a month (for now). It's just me bullshitting and geeking out about 7 of my favorite comics from 7 different eras from 1955 to today. Check it out, if you like comics, this might put a smile on your face and you just. Might. Dig it!

Comics Suck - January 2015

Every couple days I profile a strange, bizarre, unusual, mysterious or paranormal case or event from years past and post it on the day of its anniversary. If nothing else, it's something cool or spooky to read while listening to the music posted on this site. This past week, I managed to get a few more up than I'd previously been able to. I'm still tinkering with the format and I'm hoping to be able to do more, moving forward.

Rain of Snakes
Possessed by a Snake
And my favorite post of all-time ...
Unsolved Mysteries

Mondays are dedicated to Horror on this blog. This week I posted three features all of which can only tangentially be considered horror, but it made for a good (and unspoken) theme.

Got two podcasts up this week, one stoner, one doom. ep005 features some unreleased new tracks from Doomraiser, Pombagira and Bretus, check it out. Eventually I'll put more of myself into these things, for now it's just great music and none of my bullshit so enjoy it while you can!

ep004 - Faster, Pussycat

Content wise, this has been the strongest week around here so far. I'm still discovering a way to say everything I'm trying to say so the look and feel of some things might change as time goes on. I hate the way I write about music and I keep thinking about phasing it out altogether. I'll still post great albums, but you might have to skim over my bullshitting about them for very much longer.

Regarding Horrible Mondays. I'm starting to think Horrible Saturdays or even Horrible Fridays might be better. For many, Friday and Saturday nights are movie nights. It just makes more sense to do it on one of those two nights. A part of me wants to do one horror feature every day and just rip off Moss and call it Horrible Nights. I might do that too. But for now I'm going to continue to build up a backlog of posts, then see how it goes. Anyway if you don't see a Horrible Monday post, next week, expect it on the weekend.

Regarding Comics Suck! I'm getting better at this. I've already finished the February edition of Comics Suck! and that'll get posted on the day after Valentine's Day. I'll be doing less summarizing of single issues and more discussing whole series, creative runs or behind the scenes stuff. If the posts begin to sprawl a little (February hasn't), well I only post them once a month, so I hope you'll allow for the indulgence. These are a lot of fun!

And finally, I know that many of the pageviews I'm getting are here for one thing and one thing only: the music. That's totally cool, I dig music too, obviously.

But to the small handful of people who read the other weird posts on this blog ... you rock. You are awesome and I'd buy you a beer if I could. I don't need a million followers if a small handful of people are actually reading the posts because they're interested. Anyone of you is worth a billion uninterested followers. If you've gotten a kick from something I've posted here, even a slight half-chuckle, then it's all been worth it.

So thanks once again for reading!

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