Saturday, 17 January 2015

UHNA - Demo 2014

Found this one on my good buds The Sludgelord site.

(TANGENT: If you missed it, I'll be helping out with The Sludgelord News during the week to give the guys there a bit of a break. It's a one stop shop for your sludge related news. The first edition of Daily Digest went up yesterday if you want to check it out.)

Back to the matter at hand, Uhna. Terrific band. They're from Sweden and they go in for the thick low bottom sound favored by bands like Salem's Pot and Mammoth Storm, but do it with a more melodic touch. When I first streamed the demo here I was braced for death or black metal vocals to ruin the experience. The first song finished playing, it was an instrumental. Tension mounted. The second song kicked in even heavier and more brutal than the first and now the tension was near the breaking point. Well, no problem after all. The vocals are forceful but clean and good, nothing fake, affected, put-on or pretentious about them. This was a good find, and now Uhna is officially on my "ones to watch" list moving forward. Speaking of which, whatever happened to MARA? They're at or near the top of my watch list here. If you're reading this MARA, I hope you guys are okay. Give us a shout, let us know what you've been up to. Anyway, Uhna, take a listen, you're gonna dig it:

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