Friday, 16 January 2015

MAZE OF ROOTS - Two Chapters

Maze of Roots is one of my favorite doom "bands".  They aren't talked about very often and that's partially my fault. I could do more to spread the word. Part of it though, is that the "band" doesn't go around making a big deal of itself. "They" are the definition of low key. Low key and low-tuned.

I use quotations here because Maze of Roots is mostly the work of one guy from Finland, but lately he's been drafting in drummers to help him. The self-titled album and 'Earthen Castle' EP's were two of the first doom albums I found on bandcamp and they were basically, exactly what I was looking for. Maze of Roots is unrelenting, unapologetic doom. Slow, heavy riffs in the devil's third structure, tortured and pleading but otherwise clean vocals and a foggy atmosphere. 'Two Chapters' features six songs for a total of 53 minutes, with three songs each recorded in two different sessions with two different drummers.

Now, because I was basically without internet for about seven months in the middle of last year, I missed out on a ton of great albums and other odds and ends from some of my favorite bands that didn't get as much insistent hype as say Yob's new album. I suspect I will catching up for some time. Mountain Witch's "Snake Wand (vocal version)" single was one of them, Woodrue's 'Gas Huffer' EP was one, Giza's 'I am the ocean I am the Sea' album was one, and 'Two Chapters' was yet another. You can stream it on the player below, but it's not available to download on bandcamp. There are still some cassette tapes available at this location and this one. If you want a CDR the wolf group of the Finnish Nature League has a few copies available for €10 plus €5 for shipping (to Canada) and proceeds go to a worthy cause.

Either way, Maze of Roots has some incredible doom on display, 'Two Chapters' is just as good as a fan can hope. For those unfamiliar with the sound, it's not entirely unlike Moss or even Cult of Occult. As always I consider Maze of Roots to be HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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