Tuesday, 20 January 2015


Cover artwork by David Vivó.
Got some more space rock and heavy psych for you, this one by a Spanish band, Cabalgata Cósmica. Even if you don't have Spanish, the band name says it all (it means Cosmic Ride). The cover art is another good clue to what you'll find here, kaleidoscopic visions in sound. The band tends to start things off slowly and ethereally, then take off with punkish fury. The EP is 4 songs and 26 minutes long, but the ground that is covered here makes it feel like a full-length album. The sound here is not entirely unlike Spectral Haze or selected moments from Oulu Space Jam Collective. There are moments here that bring to mind 'Revolver' of 'Vincebus Eruptum'. I'm not sure how much the more "popular kids" of the blog world are talking about this one but I consider it to be recommended listening. High energy Space Rock, music that travels.


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