Sunday, 18 January 2015

LORD OF DOUBTS - Into the Occult

So here's how "out of the loop" I've been. It turns out that Russian Doom legends Lord of Doubts have dissolved / disbanded and they've left us with a final will and testament in the form of this album. I only found out about it when chatting with a friend online. At this point, the album is available as on cassette at this location. It's not clear to me that the tape comes with a download code but if you order the cassette and message the band on their facebook page, or maybe through their bandcamp page's contact form, they will send you a link. According to the band the full album will be available in mp3, FLAC, etc. on bandcamp at some point, but for now there are two songs up. Opening track "The Magus" and a second track titled "The Serpent Prophecy" are FREE DOWNLOADS. The full 'Into the Occult' album is 8 songs long and I can't wait to hear the rest of it.


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