Thursday, 15 January 2015

HOWLING GIANT - Howling Giant EP

Cover artwork by Sue Davies.
This is a fun one. Fuzz rock with the kinetics of a bakini-babe monster flick and the high drama of a mid-70's Marvel comic book. But if you're expecting surf or punk rock with horror-themed lyrics, think again. There's an underlying current of power metal in some places or some thread of late 80's metal here. Howling Giant are at their best hear when they stretch out their legs in a longer composition, the six minute "Camel Crusher" is arguably their finest hour, allowing the fuzz to do the legwork. This band is the spiritual cousin of Wolfmen of Mars and new band Corman, but forge their own identity and don't come out much for family outings. This EP is catching on fairly quickly. It's always a surprising mystery what will catch on and what seems to lag behind. One of the reasons it's catching is that it's a PAY-WHAT-YOU-WANT download and ultimately, quite good.

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