Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Dö - Den

Saw this album up on bandcamp tagged under Doom, and I passed on it, more than once. I have to admit to a cover bias here. I saw the band name, saw the umlaut, saw the black and gray cover, and thought this has got to be another death metal band disguised as a doom metal band. So, I didn't even listen. My mistake.

(Tangent Time: Is anybody else getting annoyed that every black and death metal band out there tags themselves as doom because they have one slow or dropped out moment on their record?)

It wasn't until I'd seen that brave heavy metal front liner Steve had ventured in and stuck a flag in the album's soil that I felt courage enough to venture in myself. What you'll find here is four songs and 28 minutes of solid sludgy stoner doom. It won't start any revolutions, but that doesn't matter, it's just really good and that's good enough in a world of saturation, also it doesn't hurt that YOU-NAME-THE-PRICE.

JUST THE FACTS (according to the band's facebook page):
Start Info: Opened on February 13, 2013

Genre: Doom, Stoner, Metal

Band Members
Big Dog
General Development Officer of Riffs and 6 strings

Peat Rex
Chief Executive Officer of Rhythm and Tempo

Deaf Hank
Executive Vice President of Low-end and Oral Messaging
Hometown: Hellsinki

Short Description
Through the gates left open. From the paths unknown. Came three unholy bastards...

Den EP – 2015
Recorded by Esa Alavillamo
Mixed & Mastered by Samuli Pesonen

Dö – EP 2014
Recorded by Esa Alavillamo
Mixed & Mastered by Samuli Pesonen

Available in cassette tape format:



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