Sunday, 11 January 2015

KABBALAH - Primitive Stone E.P.

This was a nice, unexpected discovery. Some nice heavy occult rock with female / male dual lead vocals. Maybe it's unfair to label the band occult rock, Kabbalah don't label themselves as such, but it's unavoidable considering their name. It could also fall under the heavy retro rock umbrella and fit in nicely alongside the likes of the brilliant Mountain Witch and not get wet, Ow! (slight Parliament reference for ya)

Tangent time: Remember that brief moment in time when rock music was largely dominated by folk pop (AM Gold) and the Superfuzz Bigmuff was the domain of soul music?

The great thing about Kabbalah's retro sensibilities is that they're not stuck on drawing from any one era. Whether intentional or not I can hear strains of early metal acts like Angel Witch and even some of the more adventurous heavy psych records of the late 60's, such a Skip Bifferty or Mike Stuart Span for example. Either way, this is good stuff that improves with each listen. Four brief songs, all under 4 minutes and it's PAY-WHAT-YOU-FEEL, so it's a bargain no matter which way you slice it. I am going to play the crap out of this one ...

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  1. New EP, "Revelations", out now: