Sunday, 18 January 2015


Stumbled across this one the other day in a tag search. Soyuz Bear are ferocious, throwing waves of great riffs at you, then turning the heat up with sudden accelerations of tempo. The vocals will be the sticking point for some, because their filthy growl is an acquired taste, but they add to the ferocity. The sound here is not entirely unlike French Canadian counterparts Dopethrone, Finnish band Demonic Death Judge or UK band Bong Goblin. Again, the main point of focus is on the excellent riffs. I've mentioned it over and over in the past that I don't typically go in for these death or black metal style of vocals, but if the riffs are good enough, I won't be able to deny the band. This is another of those rare cases. It's well worth taking a peek into as it's a PAY-WHAT-YOU-WANT download. It should also be mentioned that the sound is great, 'Demo MMXV' is well-recorded despite being labelled a demo.

Soyuz Bear facebook


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