Sunday, 18 January 2015

SPECTRAL HAZE - I.E.V.: Transmutated Nebula Remains

I really dragged ass on picking this one up, but late to crashing the party is better than never having left the house, no? Two years after their bandcamp demo the band re-emerged with their debut album, on Soulseller Records no less. Spectral Haze has upped their game with a more intense sound, marrying the ritualistic aspects of friends Saturnalia Temple with the most g-force pushing moments of Hawkwind. The band is rarely caught without their full throttle rock pants on on this record. Blast off commences from the first moments and continues in lengthy stages over the course of the next three quarters of an hour, give or take a moment of free drift or two. This is an outstanding album. This is another for the "Best I Missed" list, it's too bad I only heard it now because this is one of the best records I've heard from 2014. I got my copy from iTunes, you can pick up a physical copy at the Soulseller online store.

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