Wednesday, 7 January 2015


Cover artwork by David McHank.
Man, this thing is rad. It may not look like much from the deceptively simplistic cover, but this EP explodes with energy and dynamics. This Seattle based duo is a cut above. Songs are built on classic hard rock foundations (there WILL be cowbell), not entirely unlike your favorite American retro stoner bands like The Heavy Eyes, The Dirty Streets or The Heavy Co., but use a bit of a heavier had not entirely unlike a Red Fang, let's say. The Teacher describes their music as "Brooding psych infused sludge". Anyway, no fooling, this is really good and something you'll probably want to check out if you like energetic hard rock with a classic edge. Check them out on the player below, this 4 song EP is PAY-WHAT-YOU-WANT, but at any price it`s a steal.

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