Sunday, 18 January 2015

OYABUN - The Hiss

I'd been awaiting this one for some time. It finally came out this week and it's terrific, as good as I could as expected. I first found out about Oyabun when I heard "Brontosaurus Blues" on the old Grip of Delusion compilation series on bandcamp called The Book of Riff-Elations. Unfortunately "that something" is no longer there, but the massive free comp did it's job as I ended up ordering a CD from the band. It's still one of my favorite songs. 'The Hiss' plays out in a similar way to 2011's 'Gods and Dogs' in that the best songs are right up front, "Self-Made Slave" is fast becoming a favorite around here. It's arguably the heaviest song on the album and probably the catchiest. The emphasis on 'The Hiss' seems to be in creating a full album experience, highs and lows. As much as this is a heavy rock album with 30 to 40 year old sensibilities, there are a number of slower, more contemplative and even heartfelt moments. As always vocalist Fabrice Dercourt shines here with a soulful performance. The record ends on a muscular note as well. Give it a try, I dig it:

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