Thursday, 15 January 2015

PODCAST - ep004 - Faster, Pussycat

There are so many mind-blowing songs coming out right now that it's incredibly difficult to pare it all down to one concise hour of the best music, but I've tried once again. The song to song flow may be a bit off, but what can you do when amazing bands are coming at you left, right and center with all kinds of different styles? You just dig your heels in and enjoy the barrage. I fixed the audio so that the levels were about even on all the songs but I don't think it worked out too well so if you wildly different volumes levels on some of the songs here, I apologize.

#. Song Title - Artist
1. Don’t Die On Me - Teacher
2. Sherpa - Decasia
3. Barbaric Transition - Somnium
4. Cheap Blow - Gunslinger’s Bride
5. Keep on Moving - Abbot
6. Another Life - Drifter
7. Weirdo - Kabbalah
8. Into the Night - Kadavar
9. Turning Green - Tragic Magick
10. Wandering Soul - Psychic Wounds
11. Electric Blizzard - Strange Broue
12. Am I Dead? - Widow & Children

13. On Love - Skip Bifferty

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