Sunday, 11 January 2015


This one's no secret, but it's so good I'm compelled to throw my small can of lighter fluid into the raging volcano of critical praise for 'Merging in Light'. It's only three songs and 21 minutes long but ITCOS don't waste a second. This is their third release as a band and it's their most consistent. I feel veteran enough in my fanboy-dom to say this: "I was there, man, back in the early days. Yeah, 'Dirtnap'? You don't forget that shit." It's funny how perceptions change, how you grow into understanding. When I first approached the band I saw them as one of the better, if somewhat typical sludge bands. Me in all five of my minutes of experience with the genre. When 'Of the Flock' came out I was surprised by what I thought was a change in direction toward extremity that I'd failed to hear was there all along. With 'Merging in Light' understanding and appreciation have come together to marvel at the growth of this rising band. A few days ago I put a post up on facebook citing 'Merging in Light' as the #1 EP of 2014 and I stand by that claim. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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