Friday, 23 January 2015

CLOUD CATCHER - Enlightened Beyond Existence

Found this a couple days ago. A solid 2-song, 15 minute slice with some varied moods. Kind of a psychedelic take on Black Sabbath, just as riffy, dark and heavy. This is just some awesome old school rock n roll, heavy as hell. It's pretty amazing when you think about it, just how versatile this music is. You'd think that after a lifetime of listening to heavy riffs the novelty would wear off or it would all start to sound the same and get lost in the wash, but that's not the case at all. Not when bands like Cloud Catcher continue to appear. These guys have been around for a hot minute, they've got a lot of facebook likes and they've even had a mention in Metal Hammer, but this is the first I've heard them. These two songs are 8 and 6 minutes long but they're over before you know it. This is not entirely unlike a more expansive version of Mothership. Give it a listen, you'll love it.

JUST THE FACTS (according to the band's facebook page):

Founded on May 2013

    Genre: Cosmic Heavy Rock

    Band Members
    Andrew Van Deusen - Bass
    Jared Soloman Handman - Drums
    Rory Rummings- Guitar/Vocals

    Hometown: Denver, Colorado
    Short Description
    "Mile-high space streakers from the mountains of Denver." - METAL HAMMER Magazine @cloudcatcherco
    Cloud Catcher, an epic three piece descending from the Rocky Mountains, brings you cascading astral riffs from in between the intergalactic folds. Cloud Catcher picks up where early Blue Cheer, Black Sabbath, Leaf Hound, and Shinki Chen left off, dipped in early Priest and Buffalo-era heavy rock, and encrusted in the timeless, astral vibes echoed by more recent heavy psychedelic act, Earthless. Cloud Catcher emits ethereal and aural enchantment that will mount you upon the comet tails of brilliant psychedelic resonance, enabling you to transcend time, and expelling you into a heavy, bluesy, hallucinatory, cosmic excursion. All this being said, these guys have created a unique, soulful, and vibronic sound that that is an invention all their own and is not to be overlooked. Lie back and enjoy it.
    Current Location
    Denver, CO
    Artists We Also Like
    MEDUSA, Today's Paramount, Dr. Zilog, Throne of Belial, KHEMMIS
    Black Sabbath, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Earthless, ZZ Top, Robin Trower, Grand Funk Railroad, Pink Floyd, Spirit Caravan, Led Zeppelin, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, Captain Beyond, Rainbow, Blue Cheer, SLEEP, Dead Meadow, Santana, Cream, Hot Lunch, Lecherous Gaze, DANAVA, Mastodon
    Booking Agent




    Full album is up!

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