Wednesday, 28 January 2015

ALUCARDA - Raw Howls

Alucarda are a rare bird. Equal parts punk and doom, as quick to throw a fist in the face as have a long lonesome walk, I like this. I liked their 4-song demo too. In my review I called it "full frontal doom punk & roll.  [Alucarda] splits their time ... sprinting through uptempo numbers like a wet dog shaking the sleaze off and getting it all over everybody and casting demonic spells of doom to possess listeners with evil sounding riffs". Once, I was wordier. Their new 7-song, 34-minute album is released on cassette specialty label, Smokedd Productions as a NAME-YOUR-PRICE digital download. Indications are that a cassette versions will be available April 1. Once again, these guys are cool, the sound here is not entirely unlike Satan's Satyrs, which has all the kids buzzing at the moment. Actually, I have no idea what the kids are on about these days, but they ought to be buzzing about Alucarda, their music is raw fury.

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