Friday, 16 January 2015

KOZA - Koza E.P.

This one's been out since last summer, but I only just came across it. Koza plays some greasy riffs with filthy vocals. The combination creates a slick style of sludge rock that's impossible to deny. The pace here moves from strut mode to exhilarating, one constant throughout, however is the desire to headnod / headbang. Koza draws inspiration from all over the musical map to create something unique while remaining indisputably 'metal'. Hip-Hop, and middle eastern touches (dare I say Mesopotamian (see cover)) sit side by side with Iommian riffs and hardcore swagger. The 8 songs on this EP feel expansive even though they're short, Koza can find breathing room in a tight, two-minute space by manipulating time signatures. The total run time is 24 minutes, but it feels like a whole meal.

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