Monday, 12 January 2015

PODCAST - You May Be Dead & Dreaming 003

I think I'll be doing two podcasts a week for the next little while, one focused on doom and heavier stuff, and the other focused on fuzz rock. This one is a plunge into the cauldron of doom. There isn't too much all-new stuff on here so you may have heard many of these songs already but the playlist flows from song to song quite well.

Also, I'm excited to play a new Desert Storm track for you called "Sway of the Tides" from their upcoming album 'Omniscient'. I was walking down the street last night listening to this playlist on my headphones and when "Sway of the Tides" gets to a certain point (you'll hear it), it was everything I could do not to jump up and down, pump my fist and engage in a waist-deeep-headbang. If I didn't have such a large stick up my ass I'd probably just let it out, but I did allow myself a small fist pump, a slight headbang and a shit-eating grin that I couldn't wipe off my face until the song ended.

#. Song Title - Artist
1. Doomentor - DOOMENTOR
2. Separated from the Herd - CRUTHU
3. Cunning Priest - OROGEN
4. Purple Fog - SHALLOW VOID
5. Pictures of Home (Deep Purple cover) - CONVICTION
6. Sway of the Tides - DESERT STORM
7. Roads That Lead Nowhere - OLDE
8. A Union of Opposites - IN THE COMPANY OF SERPENTS
9. Children’s Holocaust - COUNT RAVEN

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