Tuesday, 6 January 2015


Cover artwork by Ilkka Vuojala
It happened some time back (in summer), but just because it isn't "new" news, doesn't mean it's not news worthy. Deep Space Destructors, arguably the strongest space rock outfit on this and at least two other planets released their third album, fittingly enough titled 'III'. The album picks up their increasingly familiar sound and expands greatly upon it. This is hallucinogenic music, prog, krautrock and space rock at its finest, not for those prone to bad acid trips. Consider this album HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

JUST THE FACTS (according to the band's facebook page):

Founded on January 2011

Genre: Psychedelic space rock from Earth
Band Members
Jani Pitkänen - vocals, bass
Petri Lassila - guitars, backing vocals
Markus Pitkänen - drums
Hometown: Oulu, Finland

Record Label: DIY
Affiliation: Infinite space and chaotic cosmos

Short Description
http://deepspacedestructors.bandcamp.com/ Deep Space Destructors plays psychedelic space rock.The band’s journey continues towards deeper space ∞

Long Description
Upcoming gigs:
4.4.2015 at DEPO, Riga, Latvia w/ Boar and Tuliterähttps://www.facebook.com/events/838659002821657/

Deep Space Destructors was founded in the beginning of the Earth year 2011 in Oulu, Finland, on band members’ mutual love for 60’s and 70’s hard, prog and psychedelic rock. The band added influences from stoner and doom genres, resulting into collision of musical galaxies to be described as psychedelic space rock from Earth.

A year later, the first small step (one giant leap for mankind) was taken out from the Rehearsal Vortex and “I” was released to the unaware public. In the last quarter cycle of 2012, DSD started performing live and released “II”.

During 2013, DSD met with wizard Olli Niemitalo who had invented and assembled, Black Deck, an optoelectronic instrument out of a broken vinyl player and scrap electronics. Together with a mutual friend, DSD and Olli founded instrumental space rock jam band Oulu Space Jam Collective which performed at Oulu Night of the Arts
in August. The collaboration continued in 2014 as Black Deck joined forces with DSD on “III” recordings and a couple gigs in Oulu.

“III” can be described as an unintentional theme album from the band’s collective subconscious and the most spaced out creation so far. Deep Space Destructors' journey continues towards deeper space and sounds.

"III" tracklist:

1) Beyond the Black Star
2) Spaceship Earth
3) Cosmic Burial
4) An Ode to Indifferent Universe
5) Ikuinen Alku

Deep Space Destructors can be found wandering through space and time at:

Current Location: Oulu, Finland
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