Sunday, 11 January 2015

LACERTILIA - Crashing Into the Future

Found this yesterday, it seems to be making the rounds already. Some fine Welsh desert rock. 5 songs and a half hour that rolls from high energy to laidback and back again. They are able to dexterously toe a line between sleepy stoner to freight train sludge, even within a single song. I'm not sure how long these guys have been around, but this is my first taste of them, and I'm impressed. Not sure what Lacertilia prophesize for the future, based on the cover it seems to be a coming age of the Psychedelic Lizard God. But whatever it is we're crashing into, Lacertilia makes a good soundtrack for it.

Band Members
Fry - Vocals
Neal - Bass
Carl - Drums
Mike - Guitar
Lucas - Guitar

Lacertilia are a tripped out rock n roll machine from South Wales that brings together the manic stomp and wild stage performance of The Stooges, the fuzzy desert sounds of Kyuss, the weird psychedelic frequencies of The 13th Floor Elevators and the proto doom of Pentagram . . .

Our obvious influences shine through in our music but we aint stuck in the past . . . featuring mumbers of such diverse bands as The Witches Drum, Thorun and Akb'al, Lacertilia are a strange alchemy of styles that blend to create something unique and refreshing.

Come get some!


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