Sunday, 11 January 2015

HELA / LODO - Split LP

Hela I know, they're the reason I grabbed this thing. I got their 'Broken Cross' debut and the song "The Wicked King" climbed to #11 on the doom chart. They had a good sound, not entirely unlike a Demon Lung, only rougher around the edges tonally, with just the oddest hint of extreme metal riding beneath it all. Hela slap a pair of expansive 10 minute songs on the table here that manage to go from place to place without drifting too far from center. It's an impressive performance.

Lodo I don't. They're an instrumental band. This is the first I've encountered them. Some nice sonic explorations, not entirely unlike SardoniS. Looking forward to hearing more from them. A good split, easily worth a €3 investment.

1 comment:

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