Saturday, 10 January 2015

STRANGE BROUE - Children of Sabbath

I admit it, I'm hooked. I can't get enough of this Strange Broue. The 'band', I've discovered consists of one guy who tracks everything himself. Obviously, this set-up allows full creative freedom and we've already been treated to a number of different looks from the project in the few shorts weeks it's been up on bandcamp: acoustic occult rock, expansive doom and shorter, punkier stuff. 'Children of Sabbath' gets into that classic doom mold. It's a bit more like 'Mystifying Oracle', which by my calculations rests somewhere between Electric Wizard and Uncle Acid, musically, not entirely unlike a Doctor Smoke, for example, but I'm sure we're in for a surprise or two along the way. This will probably be the last thing Strange Broue releases for a little while, an LP is planned next. I'll be holding my breath. As I've said I'm becoming a huge fan of this project, they've put up three releases on bandcamp for a total of five songs since the year began. For convenience sake, and for nerdly fun, I've combined those five songs with the earlier 'Acoustic Haunting' tracks to create a mini-album.

Here's my proposed tracklist:
1. The Beast (from 'Acoustic Haunting')
2. Dead Rising (from 'Mystifying Oracle')
3. Electric Blizzard (from 'Mystifying Oracle')
4. Grim Creeper (stand-alone single)
5. Children of Sabbath (from 'Children of Sabbath')
6. Druglust (from 'Children of Sabbath')
7. The Captor (from 'Acoustic Haunting')

Music player for all four Strange Broue releases are in chronological order below:

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