Tuesday, 13 January 2015

DOOMMABBESTIA - Marijuanaut Vol. I

Since November 2011, Doommabbestia has been one of the premier Italian-language doom metal zines on the web or anywhere else. They are absolutely PLUGGED-IN to the underground scene and the staff represents that fact proudly, with many familiar names and faces among them including some ass kicking musicians in their own right. The folks behind Doommabbestia have pooled their resources to deliver a double album compilation of sixteen of the finest Italian underground bands including some of my personal favorites like Kröwnn, DSW, Black Capricorn and Naga. The Italian scene is one of the oldest and most consistent in the world of doom metal and when you consider that this 2-hour collection is just a tiny fragment of all the incredible bands the country shaped like a boot has to offer, well it's quite the kick in the ass, isn't it? Check out this free download on the players below ...


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