Saturday, 3 January 2015

KINGNOMAD - The Green Meadow

Kingnomad's 'The Green Meadow' EP showed up on my bandcamp email yesterday. By the time it came around to me it had already been bought and downloaded by four of the fans I "follow" on there and MrStoneBeliever had already shared two videos from the EP on youtube and it was only a day old. That's quite a buzz from a band I'd never head of before who seemingly came from out of nowhere.

In reality, they come from Sweden and tread the line between the retro rock sounds so commonly associated with Swedish rock these days in stoner circles and something a bit more Peter Gabriel-era Genesis-approved. Something about them reminds me slightly of Cream, maybe it's because they're not afraid to take chances and go off on wild tangents, but the songs are always built around marble and granite riffs. That and the floating / falling sensations evoked by the vocal harmonies. Anyway, check it out on the player below and grab yourself a copy before any hipster has the chance to get in your face and say, "I was a fan of them before you were", because it won't be long before everyone and their nerdy younger sister will be claiming them as "their" band.

JUST THE FACTS (according to the band's facebook page):

Genre: Doom Rock

Band Members
Mr M.
Mr Jay.
Mr J.
Mr N.

Hometown: Sweden

Short Description
Doom rock from Sweden!

Artists We Also Like
Uncle Acid & the deadbeats. Sleep. Electric Wizard. Mars Red Sky. Black Sabbath. Orchid. Dead Meadow. Ghost.



Press Contact

Booking Agent


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