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WEEKLY ROUNDUP - February 8-14, 2015

Still getting my music review legs back under me, but I'm not sure how productive I can be. Reviewing albums is the most time-consuming writing I've ever done, not that I mind it. I mean, the hours that go by have a good soundtrack. I just don't know how many I can realistically expect to do in a week. We'll see. This week though, I reviewed a couple of great ones.

Evil Spirit
Misty Grey
Doom Chart 02/14/15

Posts about comics new and old.

Comics Suck! rolled along through the groovy 60's and 70's this past week, both from Marvel Comics, back when the  publisher was truly Mighty. Next week we'll be tripping through the gnarly 80's and 90's.

Remember we're not just talking about comics in these posts, we're talking about music and movies too and hopefully, slowly and subtly are helping to put these funny books into a wider cultural context.

Tales of Suspense #62 (Feb 65)
Strange Tales #178 (Feb 65)

Strange but true stories.

It's been a good run of Everyday Strange stories so far this month, we kicked things off with a special two-part Elisa Lam article (which continues to attract readers!), then to Dyatlov Pass, both of which were serious in tone. Then things veered off into some relatively silly places with the Cacti's Revenge story, although a man really did die at the hands branches of a cactus, so how "fun" can you really get?

This week saw more wild mood swings as we moved from the classic Devil's Footprints story to alligators in sewers. The thing I love about doing these articles is the learning aspect. I pick a subject I don't know much about because I think it sounds cool or weird or interesting and then I brush past the surface to discover how legends start. Half-heard and unconfirmed quotes, unsourced articles and opinions or the good old fashioned debunking job, there is very little you can count on remaining true from the beginning of the research phase to the finished article.

We topped off the week with the story of Tiffany Sutton, which ended up being far more popular than I'd imagined. Check it out at the link below:

The Devil's Footprints
Alligators in Sewers
Tiffany Sutton, real-life Vampire story

Horror films and music. Renamed from Horrible Mondays in loving tribute of Moss's album of the same name.

Started to get into the swing of these Horrible Nights a bit more this week. It's weird how things go in the blogging business. You think one post will be popular and it falls flat, and you think no one will notice another post and it blows up.

I Tweeted my 'Lost Themes' review directly to John Carpenter, needless to say we didn't tweet back, haha!

music - John Carpenter's 'Lost Themes'
movie - Demons (1985)

This week is going to flow much like last week. I don't have any music reviews planned, but I've got 23 potential albums to review, although some of those will end up as Horrible Nights. Speaking of which I've got a music review coming up this Monday for an album I've been listening too pretty much non-stop since I discovered it this past Christmas. Also got a movie review coming this Friday for a film that shows you how to blow minds on an $8000 budget.

Aside from the two Comics Suck! posts coming up there are a number of Everyday Strange posts in the works. I was disappointed I didn't have time to post the story about that time they found 1200 bones beneath Ben Franklin's old house, I guess I'll have to get to it next year. This week I hope I can get to both demonic possession cases that are in the queue, each one inspired a movie, although the two films are not equals. Until then ...

Thanks for reading!

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