Sunday, 4 January 2015

MOLIOR SUPERUM - Electric Escapism

Artwork by Hanna Haraldsson
I'm sure by now you've heard Molior Superum's new 4 song EP, and if you have then you know that it's a face-melting rock and roll riff-stravaganza. It's arguably the best hard rock EP in the history of western civilization, no exaggeration. It makes their 'Into the Sun' album from 2012 look like a compilation of tone-deaf guitar tuning ... and that was a damn fine album! Seriously, you wouldn't believe the riffs on this thing, the first two tracks along are worth the price, and if your hobbies include headbagning and air guitar / drums / full band, then there's added value here. This is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

JUST THE FACTS (taken from the band's facebook page):

Band Members
Oskar Öberg - Gitarr,
Carl Isaksson - Gitarr/Sång,
Lars Sandström - Bas/Sång,
Jens Fuglede - Trummor/Sång,

Hometown: Stenungsund, Sweden

Record Label: None

Short Description
Bloozy groove n' roll, the fuzzy-faced lovechild of 70's hard rock.

BOOKING: +46762980995

Long Description
High-energy tunes inspired by the 70’s heavy, dirty blues rock and mixed with stoner rock’s groove!


Current Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

Artists We Also Like
Långfinger, Grand Selmer, Horisont, Dödaren

70s rock and other related music


Press Contact

Booking Agent


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