Friday, 2 January 2015


This is a playlist I put together December 10, 2014. The tracks are representative of the vintage, so it's possible that you've heard most if not all of these songs already. But whether you have or haven't heard them, I doubt they've been presented to you in this way. I took a bunch of crazy, bizarre, funny and weird youtube clips from the Satanic Panic era with some other mysterious subjects thrown in and mixed them up with the instrumentals here. It may be seen as a slap in the face to the artists to throw spoken clips atop the music, but it was definitely not intended to be. It was intended to tell a kind of story between the vocal songs to give the playlist a narrative focus and increase the atmosphere of the vocal songs on the playlist.

 The clips are taken from various videos on youtube. I used three different videos from user KJ Ozborne, this video here, one from WeAreChangeHollywood, one from William Tyndale and one called Geraldo Sacrifice which I can't find anymore.

Also, a big Thank You goes to Mr. Billy Goate of Portland, Oregon, founder and Chief Goat at the Doomed & Stoned podcast, tumblr, facebook and other pages. He pointed me in the direction of the Goldwave audio editor without which, I'd have never had the patience to actually put this thing together.

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