Saturday, 17 January 2015

ИЛ - Чёрная Топь

Russian doom / sludge band ИЛ or Ooze released their second album on bandcamp the day after Christmas. The album title 'Чёрная Топь' translates as 'Black Swamp' which is accurate. The sound here is thick, mired in bleakness, aggressive and remorseless, not entirely unlike countrymen Lord of Doubts or Swedish occult ritual doomsters Saturnalia Temple. This is what I consider to be classic, timeless doom that will sound as satisfying to doom fans 10 or 20 years from as it does today. There's just one snag here. It seems the band hasn't set up their paypal account properly and so you can't buy the album. Only one song, "Холм" is available for free download, so for now at least, this is a stream only affair. The good news is, what with the sound here being timeless and all, Ooze's self-titled debut is still available for FREE DOWNLOAD, so you can play catch-up like I did.

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